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livestock equipment

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Blue Steel Cattle Squeeze

Cattle Squeezes

At a length of 8’9” and a height of 6’, and no taper in the belly, the “Blue Steel” squeeze can accommodate the largest animals. With its parallel axis action and no belly taper, there is no danger of the animal climbing the side panels. The parallel axis allows you a full 32” width in the open position to handle bulls, but also closes in tightly for 300 pound calves. The tailgate locks up or down, and is constructed of aluminum, light enough for anyone to operate, but as strong as a heavy steel one. The 3 topside access panels allow full access to the animal’s back, while the front panel opens to expose the neck area. The bottom side panels are heavy gauge steel, and are removable to allow leg and foot treatments, or to train calves.

Squeeze Options

Your “Blue Steel” Squeeze comes complete with 2 side exits, manual or auto headgate, and palp cage. The Paysen palp cage is built for rugged use, and the two locking gates swing both in and out. When ordered with your squeeze the palp cage is built onto the floor frame of the squeeze, giving you a perfect match. Rolling doors are built into their own frames and can be added any place that requires a gate. These rolling doors are heavy enough for any livestock. “A sturdy 1850 lbs. of “BLUE STEEL” squeeze will make it the last you’ll ever have to buy.”

Calving Pen

The Paysen Calving Pen is the bright star in the lineup with the famous automatic headgate in the center. Running cows or heifers into the pen is a one person job. The heavy duty construction allows for easy and safe operation and years of use. There are two sets of swinging split gates on each side of the headgate which allows for easy access to the cow as well as nursing calves. The standard configuration is 10' x 10'. However, the heavy duty 10' - 1 1/4" square tube side panels can be substituted with 12' panels to make a 10' by 12' pen

Calf Tip Table

The Paysen Calf tip table is noted for its rugged construction and simple maintenance free design.

The design of Paysen's Calf Tip Table has evolved over the years, with developments spurred on by putting this unique piece of equipment to work, at both our own test ranch and from feedback from our customers. It features 2 headgates, an exact center of balance, easy access to the whole calf, and rugged Blue Steel construction. Our 2 headgate system allows you to use the table for right or left tipping, but more importantly, the unused headgate becomes a back gate. Experienced cattlemen will realize the benefit of this feature immediately, as many (or all) of their calves will try to back out - and fast! All of these features insure that the Paysen Calf Tip Table can be operated by one set of hands, not needing a whole crew. Paysen's premiere line of cattle handling equipment is designed by cattlemen for cattlemen.

Portable Loading Chute

32” wide inside
12 feet long
Ramp height settings from 38” to 54”

Corral Panels

- 1” x 1” x 100w. square tube construction - 5 feet high.
- 6 horizontal bars. (5 horizontal bar economy model also available.)
- Available in lengths of 8 feet - 10 feet - 12 feet - 14 feet - and 16 feet.
- Also available in 1 1/4” x 1 1/4” sq. tube or 1 1/2” x 1 1/2” sq. tube for heavy pressure areas

Wade Davidson has been a Lewis Cattle Oiler Dealer for south west Saskatchewan for over 26 years.

For sales or service in your area call Wade at:


Cattle Oilers

Lewis Model 853 Upright Cattle Oiler

• 8 Gallon Reservoir
• Auto Drape Oiler
• 3 Chain Synthetic Wick
• Automatic Pumping Feature with Total Volume Control
• Large Loop for Moving Oiler

With so many different pests, each with a different life cycle and feeding habits, and so many different pest control products, choosing the right control program can be a major source of frustration for cattlemen - not to mention expense.

The Lewis Cattle Oiler provides effective year long control of all the major cattle pests. By controlling pests "The Lewis Way" the cost per animal is minimal and because it is a self treatment system you eliminate the stress factor caused by the extra trips through the chute other control methods require. It's also convenient and saves time.

The Lewis Cattle Oiler applies a topical insecticide to your livestock as they satisfy their natural instinct to scratch.The insecticide is rubbed into the coat right down to the hide. The insecticide leaves a residue on the cattle's coat and hide to kill pests on contact.As fly season wears on, fly populations generally increase and unlike ear tags, which begin to lose their potency, the Lewis Cattle Oiler provides the opportunity for year long retreatment so the insecticide remains at full strength to kill pests as long as they are present.
As the horn fly has developed resistance to ear tags some of the chemical companies have suggested the use of 2 ear tags but this doubles your costs and doubles the risk of infection. When you can prove the ear tag did not provide adequate horn fly control the chemical company will refund your money. However, who will pay for your lost itme, the stress from the trip throught the chute and the lower than expected weight gains.

Any one-time control product, for any pest, is risky but when your study the life cycle of lice you realize how much you increase the risk of herd reinfestation.

Remember nits hatch every single day and even if all of the nymphs and adult lice are killed with the one-time application, they will have left behind an abundant supply of nits that will be hatching every single day for up to 21 days.

Most topical insecticides do leave a residue that will continue to kill the nymphs as they hatch; but if it rains or the residual doesn't last a full 21 days, lice may reappear. That is why you see louse reinfestations in the middle of winter after a one-time fall treatment.

No cattleman wants to see any animal become reinfested with lice but for the cow/calf operator it is a real dilemma. Do you risk running your heavily pregnant cows through the chute again or take your losses with a louse infested cow raising a louse infested calf?

The Lewis Cattle Oiler is effective in controlling both orders of lice. It makes available the kind of year long treatment that's required to effectively control both chewing and sucking lice. Furthermore, not just the initial control of adults and nymphs but also the ongoing retreatment that's required to continue to kill the new lice as they hatch from the nits the adults left behind.

Also, unlike the systemic louse control products, which should not be used when grubs are in the the esophagus or spinal canal due to host-parasite reactions, the Lewis Cattle Oiler can be used all year long - even with dairy cattle.

The Lewis Cattle Oiler also provides effective control of the major summer cattle pests.
Face flies, blood feeding horn and stable flies and mosquitoes are all controlled when they land on your cattle and come into contact with the insecticide from the Lewis Cattle Oiler.


To fill the reservoir, on their Lewis Cattle Oiler, most cattlemen were mixing EC (emulsifiable) Malathion in a 2% ratio with Diesel fuel or oil.

EC Malathion is an excellent broad spectrum parasite control product. Although the label tells you it can be mixed with water or Diesel fuel, the problem is, it doesn't stay suspended in Diesel fuel.

Back in the days when cattlemen were mixing small quantities and pouring it directly onto the wick there wasn't a lot of cause for concern, but as the reservoirs got bigger some people began to realize the EC Malathion and Diesel fuel mixture that was poured into the reservoir didn't necessarily end up on the wick in the same ratio.

To prevent this problem Joe Lewis got into the insecticide business and developed Oak Lake Cattle Backrubber Insecticide. The new insecticide was still a Malathion base for its broad spectrum parasite control, but it was specially formulated to remain suspended when diluted with Diesel fuel or oil.

Oak Lake Cattle Backrubber Insecticide is registered to provide year long control of horn flies, face flies, black flies, stable flies, mosquitos and lice on dairy and beef cattle.
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